Lee Feigon

A research associate at the Center for East Asian Studies of the University of Chicago, Lee writes frequently about East Asian politics, economics, history, and culture for publications such as The Wall Street Journal, Barron's, Nation, the Chicago Tribune, the Atlantic, and the Boston Globe. He has been interviewed on television shows such as MacNeil Lehrer, CNN, Hardball CNBC, and the NBC Nightly News. "The Passion of the Mao" is Feigon's directorial debut.

Neal Gold

For the past twenty-five years, Neal has served as an editor, director, producer, videographer and cinematographer. Neal co-produced and edited the feature film Design, which premiered at the 2002 Sundance Film Festival. Also in 02, Neal produced the documentary feature The 95 th . Neal also served as the DP and editor. The 95 th is currently airing on PBS in Chicago. More recently, Neal produced and edited another feature film, Finding Preet.This film recently screened at the Indo-American Film Festival in New York City, and is currently being considered for domestic and foreign distribution.

Steve Cejtin

An award-winning director of special effects, designer Steve Cejtin also owns Hammer & Pixel Studios in the heart of Evanston's Main Street District. Cejtin has been in post-production since 1978, and started Hammer & Pixel Jan. 1, 1994. Hammer & Pixel has extensive knowledge of special effects for video and film, both from a production and post-production point of view.

H & P supplies the independent film, corporate, and broadcast market with memorable imagery, and also produces cinematography for virtual reality gaming and stereo-vision.